Sample Designs

12 Strand Amazon diamond knot with dog paw bottle opener and plastic beads

Blue/Green Monkey Fist Key fob with 7/8" Glass marble

"Arrow" key fob - Tire Tread weave - paw bottle opener - Triangle carabiner

1" Core - red with gold metallic Monkey Fist - DNA Weave - slim Carabiner

1.25" core - Two Color monkey fist - cobra weave - "D" carabiner

Two Color fob - tire tread weave - trigger clip and Ring

Dog paw bottle opener - DNA Weave - triangle Carabiner

Runner's wrist fob - Snake knot - Cobra weave - Mini Carabiner

Get creative! mix cores, colors, knots, weaves, and connectors.

looking for something a little different? more interesting?

This is the M.O.A.T. or Mother Of All Thumpers. It's over 12" long with a 1.5" steel ball bearing core and is great for checking the pressure in your tires. It takes some time and patience to make one of these, so they are reserved for those who have previously Paid it Forward